absolutely waterproof
extremely sturdy cut, scratch and impact-resistent
Ideal carrying system for expeditions

The Hermetic Carrier opens up unimagined possibilities of baggage transport in everyday life as well as in extreme conditions. The high advanced, but still quite clearly and simply designed main body is made of synthetic material resistant to cuts, scratches and  impacts so that contents will stay clean, dry and undamaged at any time. The synthetic material is in accordance with FDEA and therefore suitable for use with foodstuffs, too. Having a diameter of 28 cm, the Hermetic Carrier’s opening can be closed in a water-tight manner through a screw cap and is wide enough to even pack large volume items , e.g. photography equipment, motor saws, break-barrel guns that may be disassembled or different tools. Fastening recesses with retaining webs all around can be used to attach belts with buckles, ropes or cords, turning the Hermetic Carrier into a connectable carrying system. All these features make the Hermetic Carrier an indispensable means of transport during expeditions. Whether as a durable roof luggage system for off-road purposes, as an excellent baggage module for boats, as a practical piece for raft-building or as a theft and damage-proof container in the event of long-distance air travels – the Hermetic Carrier is characterised by its versatile capabilities

  • Equipments, such as for sports, photography, fishing, hunting and other hobbies, are ideally protected and carried.
  • Package system for off-road vehicles, campervans and boats
  • Ideal carrying system for expeditions (or for transporting water and other liquids)
  • The Hermetic Carrier’s expedient features at a glance
  • Absolutely water-proof and floatable
  • Extremely sturdy as well as cut, scratch and impact-resistant 
  • Protects contents from dust, sand, dampness and vermin
  • Lockable
  • Comfortable to carry, also over a longer period of time
  • Temperature-resistant from -45°C to +80°C

The comfortable carrying system can be quickly affixed to the Hermetic Carrier through using stainless steel screws. The adjustable and padded straps make sure the Hermetic Carrier can be easily carried like a framed backpack.

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